AH! I feel slightly overwhelmed (in a great way) right now. There are so many different things running through my brain right now I just have to stop and do nothing every few minutes.

I have a horrible tendency to absolutely forget every single thing I need to do so I actually made a list today. Interested? No? Too bad.

– back up hard drive! (I currently have about 5000 pictures in iPhoto, plus several hundred photoshop files, thousands of songs, etc. I’m paranoid it’s about to crash and die)

– list about 30 prints in my Etsy Shop – come buy them all! I need to sell them in order to have enough money for the booth and another photo order to participate in the Longwood Art Festival THIS MONTH (thanks for the heads up, Kim!)

– Finish editing pictures for Mom’s Etsy

– Work on photographs from Leu Gardens (and STILL more from the zoo. I took photos like a maniac)

– Add my photos to groups on Flickr so people can actually view them

– work on another commissioned painting

And I should probably find some time to clean our apartment and cook something…

For now, Mom, Heather and I are going to feel icky and sick together and go get our free sandwich from Chick-fil-a.

P.S. Get out and VOTE if you haven’t already. I went this morning and was amazed to find NO line and it only took 10 minutes. Woo!