I just have to say I love lazy Sunday afternoons. Today has been very lazy and enjoyable, all except for this headache I can’t seem to get rid of completely.

I think it’s partly from working myself up into a frenzy trying to edit all the photos from the zoo. I get so excited and frantic about what fun it is to play with photoshop and I actually give myself a headache. Oops.

Here’s are a few more. I usually don’t allow the large size to be viewable to but the elephants look too darn cool not to see up closer.

Large View
At least they have each other

Mr. Kangaroo

Large View

I was trying to take a photo of some birds on a picnic table and this little girl ran over and scared them away. I decided to grab just one shot of her as she walked by. I like it better than the birds.

Take 1

I don’t know which crop I like better

Take 2