The craft fair is over!

It was a long day with fewer customers than we’d hoped, but overall a great experience.

Matthew, Jess, and I drove to the Ybor location early this morning and had everything set up by 8:45am (that is, after unloading my frames and finding them scratched everywhere from bouncing into each other on the ride from Orlando doing a bunch of last minute touch ups with the black paint I had luckily brought with me).

It was a great set up and there were 15 vendors is all, but with no banner and few signs to point out the craft bazaar, the crowds rolled past us and onto Guavaween just a block away.

We were open from 9am-3:30pm and had fewer than 50 people come through. I was a little disappointed, but with the experience of being involved in a fair and meeting other crafters, it was actually rather encouraging and fun (and I still managed to sell 6 of my prints!)

I met Karyn, the girl in charge of Fat Orange Cat and fell in love with everything at her booth. Jess and I wound up talking with her and her fiance Alex for awhile and I may possibly be photographing Karyn and Alex’s wedding in March! I also think I may have to order an apron from her etsy shop in the very near future 🙂

Anyway, here are some photos of our booth and then I’m getting some sleep