Our back porch at sunset. It even makes his nasty nasty cigarettes look pretty.

I ended up not going back to the hospital this evening because I’m not feeling so great (mostly just tired though…maybe it has something to do with waking up at 6:30 for the first time in months?). I have a feeling the ickiness might have something to do with the junk I’ve been eating lately.

Matthew stopped by the gas station again last night because we were out of water. Yes, he came back with two bags of junk food. More “special deals” from the 7-11. At least he found out it’s because they’re trying to get rid of all their inventory and get fresh stock in. Nearly the whole store is wiped out already because you buy one thing and they give you ten for free.

He got a 24 pack of bottled water, 2 Zero bars, 2 Twix, 2 Caramello bars, 3 bottles of Sprite, and I can’t even remember what else, for $2. Ugh.

I’ve done pretty well staying away from it all, but just looking at it is making me crave a salad the size Texas.