My mother-in-law, Jan, is at the hospital this morning for a surgery to remove her goiter. I was actually able to wake myself up (just barely) at 6:30 so we would make it to the hospital to see her before she went in.

After pulling the covers off Matthew, telling him to sit up and wake up (which meant he sat up, leaned over, and fell asleep hunched over with his forehead nearly touching the mattress), and finally pulling him up and half carrying him through the house – he finally woke up.

We made it on time to the hospital, but they had taken her in for surgery 20 minutes before they told us they would!

So we sat in the waiting room with his brother, dad, and aunt, playing connect four and finding out what our pirate names would be online. I also played around with the photo above – it’s from the flowers I bought the other week and had on my nightstand. They were so beautiful and made me so happy to look at (and lasted over 10 days!)

We left the waiting room after a bit so we could run some errands and come home for lunch and now we’re about to head back. If you think of it, pray everything goes well and she recovers quickly, I’d really appreciate it 🙂