Ok, I know it’s late again, but I HAD to post this.

I was feeling a bit icky this evening and fell asleep at 8pm then woke up at 11pm. I decided to stay up and put the final touches on my orders for prints and mat board.

Around 1am Matthew and I were both wanting something salty. I really wasn’t in the mood to fix anything, so Matthew decided to run down to the corner gas station to pick up a bag of potato chips.

Now, I know he went out for one thing, and we are talking about the guy that goes out for contact solution and comes back with ice cream, popsicles, and an “I Love You” balloon, but when I saw him walk through the door fifteen minutes later with three grocery bags full in his hands….I was still a little surprised.

Yes. This is what he brought home.

The weird thing? He got it all for FREE. Well, except for paying for one 99 cent bag of doritos. We have no idea why, except that the employee might have recognized him from our last visit, or maybe they just get really bored at 7-11 after midnight…I don’t know. The cashier just kept pulling things off the shelf and asking him if he wanted more stuff as part of some “deal” (????), and the manager was there the whole time and didn’t say a thing.

The only thing that made sense to be free were the fresh items that they were throwing out at the end of the day. Sometimes I feel like the world is out to confuse me.

Here’s a list of our odd assortment of items:

1 big bag of plain chips
1 small bag of cheddar and sour cream chip
2 small bags of doritos
2 beef hot dogs
3 Sprites
1 bag of snack cakes
2 eclairs
1 cheese pastry
2 croissants

and to top it all off: 1 pineapple flavored cigar (?????)

So, I guess we’re set on junk food for a while.

I’m going to sleep now.