Greg called yesterday around 1 to see if I’d had lunch yet (do 3 slices of pumpkin bread really count as lunch?)

He was nearly to the apartment already and picked me up for a meal at Lac Viet just a few minutes away. I haven’t been there for over a year but they actually recognized me when I walked in! I used to go in a few times a week for their vegetarian summer rolls but like I said, it’s had to have been over twelve months and they still know me…I was surprised.

Sam was intent on getting squid, Gregory wanted summer rolls and whatever else anyone mentioned, Greg got the phad thai, I went with the chicken and vermicelli, and Dave (Greg’s friend who met us there) got the whole red snapper.

Yes. A whole freaking fish on a plate. Bones, eyeballs, and all. Gator loved it.

I spent my time there trying to help Sam actually get the food into his mouth, dodging wadded up pieces of rice paper, and giving my cousins candy in exchange for kisses.

And that was my lunch yesterday.