I forgot to grab a few things the other night at Dong-A so I took a walk to buy a couple more ingredients before Matthew got home from work last night.

I took the camera of course. This is The Castle House next to us:

and the really cute expensive house I wanted is right around the corner 🙂

At Dong-A, the same woman is ALWAYS there, she knows where everything is located, and is more than happy to help you find it. It’s also cheap. I’m pretty much in love.

tamarind candy with chile – $0.79
can of curry paste – $0.85
package of fresh thai basil – $1.00
package of fresh kaffir lime leaves $1.00
12oz bag of peanuts – $1.59
17 oz red miso $3.49
5lb bag of jasmine rice – $4.29

We also discovered this tasty little snack that goes with tea like peanut butter goes with jelly. It’s not exactly healthy, but the outside is two regular crackers and only the cream sandwiched in between is sweetened, which makes them perfection:

And now I must go because dinner is done baking (Matthew’s favorite: honey ginger salmon, asparagus in garlic butter sauce, and mashed potatoes. Mmmmmmm)