I’m just a tad overwhelmed with the amount of boxes to unpack and have been hiding in my cozy cocoon (aka my bedroom that has lots of pillows and Grey’s Anatomy) for the entire day in an attempt to hide from all the work to be done.

*insert note: all of a sudden I hear church bells and I have no idea where it is coming from It actually sounds like an organ playing hymns…and I think it’s coming from The Castle House! *

Matthew just left work and is on to his second job – mowing lawns for his and his dad’s business they have on the side.

I took a picture of him last week because I think he makes the happiest and most fluorescent looking lawn man I’ve ever seen.

That boy sure does make me smile. Especially because he let me order this very pretty shower curtain I fell in love with online, which I think will look dainty and fantastic in the bathroom after we paint the walls a very soft yellow:

So…I guess I should do a little something productive now…..