We’re in!

With the help of my dad and father-in-law, we finished moving around 10pm.

I made the bed, Matthew hooked up the tv and internet, and then we wanted a drink – SO WE WALKED TO THE STORE!

I can’t even put into words how happy it made me to walk down Mills at 11:30pm, watching the employees have a smoke as they get off work at the Noodle House, hearing music flowing from the doorway of the Peacock Room, feeling a cool breeze and a little bit of city life seeping into my skin…this is home already.

And now I’m sitting here with my Mucho Mango Arizona, watching House and fighting sleep. We’re a bit like giddy little kids after a birthday party right now; exhausted from all the excitement, but we want to check out our new toys and figure out how they all work.

But, I really should stop stalling and just go to bed. I’m sure I’ll have many more pictures soon 🙂