I love Autumn. Love it. Even though Florida doesn’t have much to offer in the “changing seasons” department, a true Floridian anticipates those ever so slight changes that signify the beginning of fall.

The shadows change, the temperature lowers about 10 degrees, and….what? Was that a breeze? Yes, yes it was! We can actually open our windows now and ignore the AC a little while (although this is not a guarantee. There have been many years when the the AC was going full blast from summer to Christmas day).

Today, I decided to celebrate these miraculous changes by buying something festive to eat at the store, because in my world (thanks to mom and the entire Pflug/Welch family), everything correlates with food.

I wandered the aisles a bit looking for something special to catch my eye.

Candy corn? No…too generic. Pumpkin Reeses? Been there, done that twice. And then I saw it, blending in with the nearly identical packaging for the Root Beer flavor :

That’s right- PUMPKIN ICE CREAM!!! It also has cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger added in (with corn syrup and Yellow #5 for kicks), making it taste pretty darn close to a really cold and creamy pie. Not too shabby!

So now I’m folding laundry, drinking coffee, near the open window, with a whole tub of pumpkin ice cream just waiting to be devoured.

Yes. It is Fall.