Allison came over today (and with fresh spinach and cheese pies form the Serian bakery!) so we could work on a painting project.

She’ll be leading a class on the Renaissance with her homeschooling group and wanted to put some scenes from the Sistine chapel on the ceiling to give it a more “Renaissancey” feel.

Armed with jasmine tea, more white chocolate chip cookies, and some reference pictures, we went to work

I can’t help but laugh every time I look at it. We started drawing Adam first, and because we didn’t take the time to think things through, it turns out we ran out of room for God (insert joke here).

We took the artistic license to somewhat comically bend his arm to fit him on the last piece of cardboad…and now that I really look at it, it seems as if God is cautiously trying to poke Adam.

It still needs some work, but I think some little kids might just like it.