Spent yesterday hanging out with mom and walking around Park Ave. I also stopped by my old job and said hi to some much missed friends/former co-workers (and felt bad for making two of them cry).

It seems a lot of people are leaving all of a sudden. I really think the place will be put out of business soon, and I’m not sad about it one bit (except for friends that will have to find new jobs). Whole Foods and Publix are so much better, I really can’t see why people go to a such an out of date and overpriced local health food store instead. The employees can’t even afford to shop there with a 20% discount and everyone was always putting in group orders to vitacost.com! It could have been a great place, but the corporation that bought it several years ago has run it into the ground and are actually preventing it from being better. Sad to see.

Anyway, I played around with some photos from my wedding last night and have a few to print now. Don’t know who all took these…I think most of the photos I have from that day were taken by mom, Jess, or Roger. Thanks guys 🙂

I want to work more on these first two because they seem a little light, but I’m happy with the black and white.