I really have no idea what to blog about right now.

I’ve had an extreme case of ennui all week, and as pathetic as it sounds, I’ve spent most of the past 7 days laying on the sofa crying off and on while watching House Season 1 on dvd (not crying because of House, of course. That show is awesome).

I’m still getting used to not being pregnant. I miss it. I’m also getting used to not working. I don’t miss that. I’ve tried to dive back into art projects several times but that just ended in frustration.

I really feel like doing nothing right now. Well, except baking almond biscotti yesterday…and that was really just because I wanted to eat it, not bake it.

I thought I’d give retail therapy a try and bought myself the little bird nest necklace I wrote about – and a big thank you to Heather for the pink tree of life pendant that she bought me (on HER birthday) in order to cheer me up 🙂

Ew. I hate when every paragraph starts with “I”.

Anyway…that’s all that’s going on. Not much but I figured I should update since anyone checking this is probably getting tired of looking at the backwards uterus diagram.