I’m finally quitting my job and going back to making art full time.

I talked to my boss and my last day will most likely be the 25th (the day after inventory). I already have a countdown going on and I have about 3 weeks left, or exactly 14 work days.

I’m breathing a HUGE sigh of relief. The mundaneness and triviality of the place (not to mention the shocking stupidity and rudeness of people that’s become increasingly prevalent) has been frustrating me more and more over the past few months…and now I get to run away from it all!!

Of course it’s supposed to be hush hush right now (I’m not sure why), so if you know me from work or see me there, just pretend you don’t know I’m hightailing it outta there).

By the way, Batman begins is on FX right now. I love comic book/superhero movies…we’ve already seen the new Batman twice and could go again in a heartbeat if it wasn’t $10 for a ticket (or $14 if you go to the IMAX! we actually bought tickets last weekend but there were no seats left when we showed up!)

They showed a preview for a new movie based on the graphic novel I’ve never heard of (but will soon read) called Watchmen. For some reaosn, I find it to be one of the best and most interesting trailers for a movie that I’ve ever seen.

(by the way jess, i know there’s about a .06% chance that you will actually watch this 2 minute video clip)