I need to travel some more soon. I dearly want to go back to New York, not only because I have a better camera now, but because I’m longing for a visit to Pommes Frites. An entire shop devoted to my #1 love since childhood – French Fries, and with a whole menu’s worth of dipping sauces (I believe I went for the sweet mango chutney every time)

Anyone that stays in New York and doesn’t eat at Pommes Frites at least once, is insane in my book.

I’ve been looking at google maps street views to check out some of the places I walked by two years ago, such as the spot on Bleeker where I took this picture:

bleecker st

which looks like this on google maps:

And right across the street is the little cafe Keith and I wet to everyday for the free wireless 🙂

and of course, we can’t forget the lovely Bowery Whitehouse Hotel:

I think we may find somewhere a little bigger next time…