Before I’ve even had time to write about last weekend, it’s this weekend for me already! (Thursday night is the official beginning to my three days off and I’m loving it already)

Last Saturday we finally went to Ikea. I knew it was a huge place, but once I went inside and started looking around, I was in awe. I immediately found my favorite “room” and had Matthew pose. If only these were actually our bookcase lined walls with an amazing, yet cozy and modern, kitchen behind me.

We also walked around Millenia mall so I could peek into Anthropologie (beautiful, yet overly scented and thus, headache inducing), and made our way to Z Gallery. I’m not usually into mass produced art but I liked these prints (ignore my reflection).

After driving home and getting in our pj’s, I realized. “Hey, we need cupcakes!”.

I’d read on Allison’s blog about Sweet! by Good Golly Miss Holly that just opened this month, so we got re-dressed and made the 20 minute trip to Waterford Lakes.

Once we arrived, I realized it was everything I’d been hoping it would be. It was 10pm but the place was still packed, and no wonder – free wireless internet, FREE COFFEE all day, and an array of yummy personal sized cakes piled with icing (all their flavors:

They’re $3 a piece but we decided to go all out and chose a Boston, Coffee, and White Raspberry, then got an Apple Cinnamon for free! We took our goodies home to enjoy and I, of course, took pictures.

YUM! The boston is definitely my favorite so far, but the apple cinnamon was good too…the light crumble topping was a nice change from having loads of icing on top.

I’m hoping to go there tomorrow to try the toasted coconut and the key lime cupcakes…interested, mom?