Ok, this is an odd thing.

Now see, I have an amazon wish list, and I have a Target wedding registry. Both of these lists tell me when someone has bought something. There are like, five major things on those lists that people have bought, but I don’t know what they decided to do after that.

I know we originally planned to have a wedding reception for friends since the wedding was immediate family only, and maybe they had planned on bringing the gift then, but I don’t see that happening any time soon, and I really don’t want to throw a party just so I can get some gifts….so if people bought me stuff, couldn’t they just…you know…send it over my way?

I really don’t mean that to sound so rude, I just wish they knew how much I could really use that knife set…and corning ware….and oh how I lust after the jumbo griddle!

I picture them sitting….all alone…in a box…forgotten at the back of the closet.

Either that or someone realized how cool they are and decided to keep them for themselves. In that case, how could I blame them? I have great taste, it’s as simple as that.

In other news, I am SO glad to have coworkers that join me in random song and dance.

If it weren’t for the moments where I pass an employee and we both start singing the same song (only in opera voices), or the times where we attempt to dance the robot in the back room, I think I’d go insane.

P.S. Speaking of gifts, I got an early birthday present from a certain fella 🙂

And, of course,


(she’s making me an aunt again in six more months!)