pink knees


5 Snacks I Enjoy
1. hummus and carrots
2. chips and salsa
3. potato chips
4. trail mix
5. french fries!!!

5 Things on my to do list today
1. vacuum
2. photoshop
3. cook
4. watch Lost Season 1
5. snuggle

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire
Get everyone in my family out of debt.
Buy us all functioning cars
Buy a private plane so my mom (and Sarah) could travel with us to England, France, Japan, and wherever else sounded fun,
Hire a personal cook that would only make healthy meals so I never HAD to make anything (and when I did they could be full of butter and sugar)
Go on a thrift store shopping spree with Jess and Mom…ok, and a really ridiculously overpriced boutique shopping spree too.

5 Jobs I have had
Office Assistant
Health Food Lady Extrodinaire

5 Bad Habits
biting my fingernails
eating late at night
impulse buying

5 Places I have Lived
Bradenton, FL
Orlando, FL
Winter Park, FL
Oviedo, FL

5 Random Things
My dad looks like Bill Nye mixed with Daniel-Day Lewis
My mom looks like Lauren Graham
My brother looks like Matthew Perry
My sister looks like Jennifer Garner
I still have people tell me every week that I look like Liv Tyler (thanks guys, you’re good for my ego)