The weekend:

Saturday was dubbed “Lazy Fat Day”. We try to have one at least once a month. Matthew didn’t have to work so we slept in then stayed at home doing nothing all afternoon.

We ventured out in the early evening to visit the mall then stopped by Chili’s for dinner and drinks. Surprise, surprise – it was buy one get one.

Sunday we opted to skip visiting a new church (us heathens!) and finally went to the Brevard Zoo.

Alas, if only there had been animals at the zoo…

It turned out to be so incredibly flabbergastingly (word? yes) HOT, that most of the animals were hiding in rocks and crevices where no one could see them.

So we saw some birds, and a few more birds…and a couple gators.

(I think he was pretending to have caught this alligator…..or something)

And now were back to our normal weekly routine. I cry every Monday when we have to seperate, then realize it’s not so bad, then we have “early day” which is Tuesday (the only night Matthew doesn’t close the store and is actually home before me), and then the rest of the week turns into a blur before arriving at the weekend again.