“We’ll take a Napoloen, a Coconut Success, Spinach Quiche, a Spinach-Feta croissant, a fruit tart, and two cups of coffee…please.”

We had a mini feast for brunch yesterday at Bruno’s Gourmet Kitchen, our favorite pastry shop in Sanford (which we realized is less than 20 minutes away now that we live in Oviedo and we no longer have to make a 45 minutes drive each way).

We ordered quite a bit, but I was sadly disappointed with the quality this time. The
quiche was salty beyond trying to eat (I gave up after four bites), the coconut pastry was rock hard on the outside and the inside simply tasted like slightly flavored sugar paste, and the fruit tart had good fruit, but the crust was so tough we couldn’t even cut through it. Matthew ate most of the croissant before I could make an opinion on it, but according to him when I asked:

“It was good. Well….it was ok. It was tough. The outside was really hard. It was ok…..it was average”.

The Napoleon, at least, was divine. But 1 out of 5 isn’t great.

We drove to first street and checked out a few antique stores then walked through the farmers market where we sampled “Mango Ginger Stilton”, the worst tasting cheese I’ve ever encountered. Nearby there was a little kid dressed up in a hat and tie that was “tap dancing” on the sidewalk with a bucket out for tips. And I put that in quotes because his version of “dancing” is basically what I do when I’m pretending to tap dance for fun….it’s just a joke. But a poor lady took pity on him, gave him some change, and then tried to show him a few steps.

We looked at Gallery on First to see what kind of work they were showing (mostly folky stuff and generic watercolors) then walked around the corner and discovered Sanford Wine Company – a very well air-condition wine & beer joint – so we stepped out of the sweltering heat and went in for a drink. We decided on Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball and Jamaican Sunset IPA….both good, but they didn’t hit the spot for me. I think I was just craving an Amberbock.

I then remembered a local winery I’d been wanting to stop by for months, so we drove (don’t worry, Matthew was very sober) to Winter Springs and found the place – only 15 minutes from our house.

The guy behind the counter at Brewer Cellars was really friendly and let us taste whatever we wanted. The Sweet Wheatgrass wine was pretty interesting, but we settled on buying a bottle of Black Raspberry and a Mango Citrus.

Next time I really want to try their “Chocolate Finale” (sweet Ruby style Premium Chocolate Port, complex with deep plum, raisin and chocolate flavors.) and also their “Blaze Habanero Wine” ) an extremely HOT and spicy Habanero wine that could easily be described as “Fire Water”. Made from hot but fruity Habanero pepper). They have an online store if anyone out of town wants a taste.

All this drinking had us hungry again so we found an Olive Garden and feasted on bread sticks and salad, which meant I took most of my main course home for dinner later. We finally made it back to the house where I succumbed to a backache and cramps and spent the rest of the evening curled in a ball on the sofa.

And that was our Saturday.