I spent most of the day with my mom drinking copious amounts of coffee, cosuming surprisingly few donuts, and eating her leftover Thai food (which she warned me about, but I ate anyway, and indeed got sick form it too).

When I stopped by Publix this morning for the donuts (best ever. Krispy Kreme doesn’t even come close) there were nearly half a dozen police cars outside. From what I overheard the cashier telling another customer, the chiropractor’s office next door in the plaza had been broken into, and get this, the thieves came in…through the ceiling!!

I really only thought “movie thieves” did this and can only imagine something similar to a scene out of Mission: Impossible or Ocean’s 11. And I really wonder what on earth their motivation was for breaking into a chiropractor’s office. Is there really anything that special in there?

Around 5pm I came home and hurriedly tried to clean up the house a bit and get dinner started before Matthew got home. His mom just bought me a mixer (for months I’ve been using a small spoon and whatever bowl I can find) so tonight I was finally able to make mashed potatoes. Such a grand thing.