I was fairly productive today, and quite proud of myself because if it, actually. I did some cleaning, some cooking, some art research, a mini project, I even painted my toenails a very bright color, quite suitably named “Candy Corn”.

As for my mini project, I actually started it last week. I found a somewhat ornate picture frame at a garage sale (for $1 I believe), spray painted it white, then came across a magazine page today of an abalone shell chandelier that I’ve had saved for ages. I like the blue sky background, and we collect shells, so it seemed suitable enough.

I also found two things I would love to call my own.

This completely divine messenger bag/laptop case (which took me forever to find a place to buy online because the company no longer lists it on their website):

Abi New York bag at ebags.com

and this necklace, which I think Matthew would get quite a kick out of since Jurassic Park is one of his all time favorite movies (he saw it in the theater over 20 times…at least it was the dollar theater)

Dinosaur Necklace at tattydevine.com