Yesterday was absolutely lovely. Matthew brought in a table from the porch so I could sit in the living room with him while working on some sketching. We watched Pride & Prejudice (by his request!) and I perused some recipes online. I had a nice little set up going on:

Matthew was a very happy camper as well and took care of his garden center out back:

Later in the afternoon/evening I decided to try my hand at making baked samosa’s with tamarind dipping sauce. I knew I should have added more spice for the filling and less water for the sauce, but I followed the recipe instead. In the end I found they needed more spice, and the sauce needed less water. Not to shabby, though.

Today as been equally nice. Matthew got some extra sleep while I drank my morning coffee and ichatted with mom (it’s finally working after yesterday’s fiasco!). Generally we’ve been pretty lazy while watching movies, except we did make a nice lunch together.

In a bit of news, I have started eating fish. It was only my second time today, but we bought some Wild Alaskan Salmon last night (the only type of fish I will eat, and I’ll eventually make a post on why that is), and since we had two fillets, we decided to have a baked salmon throw down, Bobby Flay style!

Matthew definitely won for visual appeal. He chose to do a pineapple, citrus, and cilantro marinade with a side of corn on the cob.

My unappealing looking fish had a honey-ginger marinade with a side of pan fried asparagus with a garlic butter sauce. I definitely won for flavor (and the salmon was especially good, and slightly prettier, when I poured the leftover butter sauce over it).

Now Matthew is napping and I’m here blogging before some friends show up for dinner and anime movies. I suppose I should go decide what to cook now…