Today is a very exciting day. ‘Why’, you ask? Because it’s the very first Saturday since we’ve been married that we get to spend the whole day together without any plans. Thrilling, isn’t it?? Well, it is for us at least.

Matthew found out late last night that he didn’t have to work today(!!), so we have grand GRAND plans of…staying at home. Something that sounds mundane, but is in fact surprisingly enjoyable.

We’re currently sipping on our lovely artificially flavored hazelnut coffee by those high class folks at Don Francisco’s while we putter around cleaning and watching Ratatouille as it plays in the background (Have I mentioned how much I ended up loving that movie? It must be the combination of Paris, food, cooking, and…rats?)

Yesterday I spent a few hours finally cleaning up my art studio and trying to organize my 5 million papers without having any bookshelves or filing cabinets. It pretty much resulted in throwing things away or shoving sorted piles into the bottom of the entertainment center.

Once we have a little more time and money to finish setting up the house, I’ll post some pictures of everything.

Now, I need to get back to our busy plans of nothing.

P.S. Mom gave this to me the other day as a gift since we didn’t have a wedding photographer. It made me cry.