In very, very happy news, my uncle Roger resurrected the hard drive from my old iBook that crashed last year and transfered it to my new MacBook. This means I have all my photos, files, and my music. I couldn’t remember a tenth of the 1600+ songs I lost, and now I’m listening to all my favorites.

So, I now give you my top 20 most played iTunes songs (and if it’s bolded you MUST find a way to listen to it).

1. In the Sand – Kashmir

2. The Trees and the Wild – Matt Pond

3. Undone – Imperial Teen

4. Feel Good Inc. – Gorrilaz

5. Frozen Pieces – Milosh

6. Run – Air

7. Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap

8. Get it Get it – Scissor Sister

9. Don’t Forget Me – Way Out West

10. We All Have a Map of the Piano – Mum

11. Heartbeats – Jose Gonzales

12. The Art Teacher – Rufus Wainwright

13. I’ve Been Thinking – Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Cat Power

14. All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers

15. Fools In Love – Inara George

16. New Hampshire – Matt Pond

17. I Summon You – Spoon

18. Nothing In My Way – Keane

19. Tiger, My Friend – Psapp

20. Vanilla Sky – Paul McCartney

AND bonus song, because it’s just plain fun (and really good for driving down the highway).

21. Four Leaf Clover – Mellowdrone

The next few songs are really really good too….but I guess they can wait…