I’m going to try and write this without sounding bitter (and ultimately, hypocritical), but I am tired of about 95% of the “artists” these days and their mind-numbing work.

Everyone is slapping dunce hats and butterfly wings on an old photo and calling it “one of a kind mixed media”. Everyone is taking blurry pictures of the sunset or b&w snapshots of a city street and calling it “artistic photography”, without regard to any technical skill or attempt at composition. Everyone, it seems, doesn’t care to think for themselves and try to create something that imbues a little part of their own imagination and unique perspective.

And I’m not excluding myself from this group. Honestly, I’m tired of whatever I make lately. I still find it somewhat absurd that people want and purchase it (though I am grateful, and by all means, keep it up.).

I really don’t mean to sound so hostile, I’ve just been fed up with lack of inspiration. I’ve mentally refused to do any painting for months because I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do something half-heartedly that doesn’t stir at least some little part of my soul. For the first time in ages, I’ve actually had some solid ideas for new pieces that, while not completely original, have at least got me excited and are pushing me into the mindset of painting again.

I think part of it has been the hectic nature of the past year. Now that the dust is settling from the whirlwind of the past twelve months, I think I may actually be able to do something artistically productive.

Until then, however, I’ll be checking up on the refreshing work from a talented photographer who just happens to be 14 years old: Chrissie White – http://flickr.com/photos/prettypony/.

It kind of makes you hate yourself just a little, doesn’t it?