as expected, it’s been a very rough few days for a lot of people. everything is great one minute, and the next minute we’ll burst into tears. i left work yesterday after only 4 hours when i realized i was just staring at a pile of boxes for half an hour (literally) and couldn’t help crying every 15 minutes. it’s such a strange combination of sadness over losing someone and relief/happiness that they’re no longer in pain (and in such an AMAZING place….I can’t even comprehend how incredible heaven must be).

Mom and i have been using retail therapy to cope. I bought two new shirts and two more skirts (i found a $100 skirt on sale for $9.99. i was very happy).

I’m with my parents at my sisters house in Tampa until sometime tomorrow. We’ve already made our trip to Target where I spent more money I didn’t really need to…but it was fun. I found extremely practical things I can’t live without, such as a shot glass that lights up upon contact with liquid. I’ll never use it.

I’ve also been playing with more photos. It’s relaxing.