Yesterday I woke up and made caramel apple bread. It was a mx and turned out…not so tasty. I’ve being continually disappointed by Sweet Season mixes. So far the only good one was the banana chocolate chip.

Next I made a cheese and onion quiche with a homemade pie crust. THAT did turn out good, although I really want to try this recipe for Mini Crustless Tofu Quiches…you know, since I hate eggs and everything.

I also did laundry and entertained two little boys (my cousins) who insisted on watching Pirates of the Caribbean while laying on my bed and using my computer to look at Batman legos online.

Last night I started my Christmas shopping with Matthew at Target. Christmas is so expensive. I want to buy so many things for people (and myself, of course. I’m not that selfless). Since I’m buying for so few people this year I’m already half done.

Today has been an ideal Sunday. I woke up at 7, made coffee, cereal, bagels, and had some of Matthew’s lemonade (as previously mentioned, it is SO good). After church I went with Matthew to his apartment and his mom and brother came over to watch the newest Pirates movie. It is the longest movie ever. I was in the mood to bake again so I made everyone sugar cookies, and since the movie was so long it was time for dinner afterwards and I threw together some baked potatoes and seasoned vegetables. I’ve decided weekends are the days to bake and I’m taking advantage of that fact.

And now, you’re daily dose of Matthew:

(we found these glasses in his parents car and I immediately demanded a photo shoot)