I requested vacation time from work, which turned out to be Nov. 22nd-Dec.3rd. I had grand plans of hanging out with family and friends, traveling around central florida a bit, and doing some photo shoots.

Then I got sick with a bad cold the day after Thanksgiving and I’ve been in bed (literally) pretty much all day, every day, since then. I’m trying to make the most of it by working on photos, getting painting ideas, discovering new artists online, etc….but it’s not quite what I had planned. At least there was a Mad About You marathon on today, and I’ve been watching Arrested Development on dvd almost non stop since I bought all three seasons when I ventured out Black Friday.

Alright, enough typing for now.

as usual, all photos Copyright Megan Lee Welch 2007

Lake Eola

Winter Park Farmer’s Market

Panama City – Photo by my love, Matthew Katuaskas, post processing by me