Things are much much better now. Matthew and I are just taking things slower and spending more time just being together and getting more spiritually focused and Christ centered in our relationship together.

We’re both less anxious now and more relaxed about our relationship, and actually really really excited about studying the bible and praying more together and getting more involved with the chapel (answer to prayer: he feels the Lord leading him to make Lake Howell his home church, so we won’t have to worry about jumping around to different churches now).

Now I just need to send out postcards about the wedding postponement and figure out what proper etiquette is concerning the wedding gifts. We currently have his living room full of unopened kitchen gadgets and home accessories and are trying to figure out if we’re supposed to send them back or not. if the wedding was canceled altogether, it would be a simple answer of returning it all, but i don’t know what to do if it’s just postponed for a bit. anyone know?

Anyway, his doctors appointment is tomorrow morning and I’ll let people know how it goes. Thanks again for everyones prayers and encouragement lately 🙂