So, I asked Matthew to call the doctor and make an appointment this morning. Last week he called to tell me he wasn’t feeling well so I drove over to see him. By the time I got there I found him shivering in the bathroom and he had just thrown up about a mug full of bright red blood, and only blood.

We have no idea what’s wrong, since we’re pretty sure he doesn’t have any ulcers, but given the fact that he’s had cancer, and hasn’t gone to any 6 month check-ups in the past 3 years (stubborn, stubborn man), I’ve been a little really freaked out and worried the past few days.

So, if you could pray and send some good thoughts his way, I’d sure appreciate it.

Oh, and by the way, I’ve become addicted to looking at my Target registry list online, reading reviews for different products, adding a few more apartment “essentials”, and of course, sneaking a slight peak at what has been bought so far.

Every time I see something has been “fulfilled” on the list, I run out to the living room and do a silly (and quite awkward) little jig for my parents while I tell them what else I’ll be getting.

Today was no exception as I just I found out someone bought the beautiful little green cast iron tea pot for us!

And, I’m happy to say, I have my wedding dress. It’s perfect. Not too wedding-ish, but very pretty and a bit vintage looking. I also have the earrings, heels, and lingerie, so i guess I’m officially ready now 🙂