a few facts, observations and thoughts from the day:

– while in my car at a stoplight, i saw a young man walk across the intersection. he was tall and thin, had glasses, wore simple black pants, a short white sleeve shirt, a baseball cap…and an accordion strapped to his back.

– this looks interesting:


– it felt very hot today so i checked the temperature. it was 108 with a high of 111. and that was without the heat index. i didn’t really mind being inside for 9 hours straight at my very air-conditioned workplace today.

– i discovered the noise from popping a dozen balloons with a push pin, in an almost-empty apartment, will echo throughout the building and sound quite a bit like gun shots.

– i wonder, what good can a turtleneck-tanktop really do?

– i’m so excited about moving into matthews place (his brother has movied out for us!), i actually enjoyed vacuuming the entire apartment this morning (after driving over to surprise him and cook him pancakes for breakfast. oh how domestic!). i won’t be living there till after we’re married, but i want to have most of my stuff settled in before the wedding so i don’t have to worry about getting everything unpacked as soon as we get back from our honeymoon.

nothing fancy yet, but once we arrange it all and add a few things…i think it could look pretty good. it’s a great corner apartment on the third floor, huge windows and a balcony off of the living room

(a video of what the place looks like)

gated complex, tennis courts, gym, volley ball court, two pools, severals fountains and ponds…i’m liking it so far. especially the pool šŸ™‚