i went part time at work.

it will be glorious. only 3 days a week, and then four days off in a row. i’m having an entire day full of making art tomorrow and if i weren’t so completely tired, i probably wouldn’t be able to sleep from the excitement of getting to play with paints and pencils for hours and hours.

i just got back from a road trip to georgia with matthew a few hours ago. his godmother died last sunday so we left thursday night after work and drove up to toccoa falls, ga for a few days for the funeral and made the best out of a somber circumstance. we met up with his mom and brother and stayed in a cute little house tucked in the woods and spent our free time exploring waterfalls and touristy towns that looked like swiss villages (Helen – http://www.helengeorgia.com). it was our first trip out of town together and he did ALL the driving. i love him even more now (as most of you know, driving is hardly my favorite thing to do).

pictures will be coming soon since i will be buying a macbook online tomorrow AND i’ll have the time to blog/work on photography/post artwork i will be making.

i now have time. endless possibilities my friends. the world is my oyster. hallelujah.

oh yeah, and i’m getting married september 21st 🙂

p.s. i know it’s a friday.