My mom just came into my room, shoved her laptop in my face and said “You need to update your blog!”.

So here I am.

No big news right now (although people keep asking me if Im secretly marrried already [the answer is “no”]), but this coming week should be fun. Tomorrow I’m going with Matthews family to Sea World where we’ll spend the day watching Shamu and stingrays and sampling the free beer.

Wednesday is my birthday so Matthew surprised me and is taking me to Tampa Tuesday night. We’ll probably stay at Jessica’s (where I hope to pick up my DSLR that I bought from one of her friends) then we’re going to spend Wednesday at Busch Gardens riding roller coasters and sampling more free beer.

And since I’m short on time, I’ll leave you with pictures of this awesome globe I picked up at an estate sale a few weeks ago.

It’s and old world map globe….

Which opens up….

And has a hidden bar!

(the object sitting in the globe in the middle picture is an amazing shark shaped bottle from Italy that I purchased at Total Wine, which is the biggest most amazing wine store I’ve ever seen in my life. You must go there.)

P.S. No worries, for as alcohol-themed as this post seems, I actually rarely drink these days….really. 🙂