I truly miss writing in this journal and being able to frequently udpate friends and family on my life. At the same time, I’m extremely thankful for the reasons I no longer have time to do that right now.

This time last year I had

– no steady income
– no transportation
– no swell guy to pin all my hopes and dreams on
– no place to move and no one to have as a roomate

And now I have

– a pleasant full time job with good benefits (plus still making art and getting commissions on the side)
– a car, which i got for free (an engament gift from good ol’ gram)
– a charming gentleman to spend my time with
– a nice apartment, belonging to the above charming man, that i’ll be moving into sometime in the very near future

And while I love writing little posts about my life and sharing funny stories here with anyone who cares to read them, I’d say the trade-off was worth it. That being said, one of the things I look forward to the most is when I can finally go part-time or quit my current job and go back to focusing more on painting (as well as photography, family, cooking, blogging, etc.). That will be a very very very good day.

P.S. June was coming up awfully fast so now we’re thinking October 🙂