The Story

We started dating on January 8th and after being together a month we started talking about marriage. Most say it’s fast, but when you know, you know (in the infamous words of Friends, “He’s her lobster!”)

He wanted to wait until he had a big fancy ring and a surprise romantic location. I insisted I didn’t care about the ring or the place, just being with him (I know, we’re so sickeningly sweet with each other we must make people sick), so while cuddling together at his place last thursday, he asked me, and I said yes.

I’ve never been into big weddings or doing things the tradtitional way, so instead, we’re just going to have some close family and friends (hopefully under 50 people) gather together at the beach with us for a short little ceremony. Just something simple and sweet. Later on we’ll have a reception somewhere with more friends and family to celebrate (the party is the fun part anyway).

We still have to pick out the ring and the date, but right now I have my eye on something like this:

and we both agree that June 8th sounds nice 🙂