Stumbling is my addiction.

On mornings like this, when I actually have the chance to roam around the internet, I get to indulge in my new and time consuming habit. Stumbling.

It’s this lovely little button on the Firefox browser called Stumble, and every time I press it, I end up at a website I usually knew nothing about and is, most likely, completely fascinating and/or amazing.

I never get the chance to fully explore each webpage I find, so I email the most interesting links to myself so I can delve deeper into them at another time. I have yet to re-visit any of those links though, because I’m always trying to discover NEWER and BETTER links than the ones I’ve already found. It’s a viscious cycle.

Here are just a few I’ve found this morning: – “Pooktre…the shaping of trees as they grow in predetermined designs. Some are intended for harvest to be high quality indoor furniture and others will remain living art.” It’s cool. – Lots of picture of lots of fun things. – The next best thing to actually standing on the Eiffel Tower myself.

and the coolest little video I’ve seen in quite awhile.