matthew and i finally have the same days off from work (wed/sun) so yesterday we began the day by lounging around until 2pm watching V for Vendetta and then had a spur of the moment hair cut:


midway-through mohawk (i think this is his “tough” face)

and ta-da!

And before leaving the house we decided to finally try and lance this incredibly grotesque infected finger of mine. Sadly, this photo doesn’t do the grossness justice.

I don’t know what happened…some sort of object pierced me under the nail at work then a few days later it was swollen, hot, and infected…fun. Matthew attempted to lance it while i kept chickening out and pulling back my hand so eventually he jsut ended up putting on half a gallon of neosporin and six (yes SIX) band aids, which piled all on top of each other made my finger look like it was wearing some sort of chefs hat.

Our major errand of the day was getting my busted ibook to the store to get fixed up. I’d never been before but friends recomended the place. Most likely, it was damaged from overheating because I always had it on a soft surface (my bed) but i won;t know what they can do for it until they call in the next few days. As I was standing there talking to the fix-it guy who should walk in but one of keiths old friends, jonathan, who i’ve never met but recognized immediately from pictures and his bands myspace (band marino). We said hello and found out he’s playing at the Social friday so if i get off work early enough we might be able to finally catch a show there.

A few stores down from the computer shop was Orlando Vintage which I haven’t been to in yeeears so we stopped in for a look. Matthew found a very stylish Eddie Bauer Panama hat we just HAD to get:

and then he made the sales girl take a picture of us…i’m not sure why….

afterwards we went back to my house for crackers, cheese, wine, and a little photo shoot of the two of us.

and that pretty much sums up the day. if i had time i’d write more about my valentines day and this past weekend when we went to tampa to see keith, lance, jess, ray, and addison, but for now i’ll just post a few pictures:

cute little addi-sunshine

my roses and other flowers from valentines day

and one of the valentines presents I made for him:

alrighty, enough for now folks. hope to update again soon 🙂