my ibook decided to break on me. that’s right. it’s totally dead. the hard drive busted and the thing won’t turn on…it’s very sad. lately i’ve been wanting to blog and work on photos (there are over 5,000 on my laptop that aren’t backed up on cd), and just goof around online, but i can’t 😦

right now i’m using my moms while she’s asleep. i’ve decided to use these few precious hours before i go to bed to do something i haven’t done in months – listen to new music, go through photographs on flickr, catch up on friends journals, and discover new artwork by differents artists. this is one of the things i’ve missed the most lately and it feels incredibly good to be doing this right now…i think this feeling must be similar too what one feels when you finally get that really good meal you’ve been craving after not having it for an extraordinary amount of time…..yummy.

one other thing i really miss is making things. jewelry, collages, crafts, and especially painting. i’ve just been going through old photos i have saved online and i miss when my room used to constantly be in a state similar to this:

i wish i could take an entire week off of work, surround myself with paper, pens, pencils, canvas, and paints and do nothing but create things hour after hour after hour….since that’s not possible i’m just going to have to find the time to do it on my days off (which seem to go by 10 times more quickly then work days..why does it have to be that way?).

of course i also have to factor in spending time with matthew, which tends to eat up all the time i planned on painting. in no way, shape, or form am i complaining about that though….not at all. in fact, that’s probably one of the only things i’d rather be doing then working on art….he turned out to be quite a suprise…i guess i still need to give the story on that whole situation…maybe a super short version for now.

see, i met matthew back in august…the 18th to be exact. now, the only reason i really remember this date (because anyone who knows me and my family knows my sister jessica is the ultimate remember of dates…everything is usually just a blur to me) is because it was my second day of work at my new job, and matthew happened to be one of my managers.

we barely spoke the first few days and i still wasn’t quite sure what to make of him, but one night i was stuck running customer service and he was working in the front office behind me. the register needed a pick-up so he came out and while he counted the money, i took a mint out for myself and then offered one to him. much to my delight he accepted it with a smile and i figured he must be nice guy after all.

pretty quickly shirlee, geannie, me and matthew became pretty close and would go out in groups together…always as friends though. of course eventuallly the casual friendship turned to a really good friendship, then flirting and phone calls, then a lot more flirting, and then finally our first kiss on new years.

we knew our bosses at work wouldn’t be happy that he was dating an employee so as soon as we decided to date he went to our store manager and demoted himself so we could still work together. we had no problems with it, but because of certain circumstances that i won’t go into, he decided to resign and gave his 2 week notice several days ago (after already being hired as a manager at store downtown that his brother runs).

so now, we both have to get used to not working together, i still have to find a car,
and i need to start saving for an apartment. after talking it over a little more, we decided that i was just going to room with geannie starting in may, and chances are he’ll be getting a seperate place with one of his brothers.

i have to say, it was really nice getting to matthew for four months before starting a relationship. and since i actually haven’t said much about him at all, i’ll give the basics for anyone interested:

he’s 27, his birthday is august 12th, he was born in florida, his favorite color is blue, and he likes to talk like smeagol in order to annoy me at any given moment. he’s also very caring, very romantic, and is the kindest most patient person i’ve ever met.

i could write about him all day, and there’s certainly a lot more to be said (like the fact that he planned on having a career by now but battled cancer for five years and had to put his plans on hold, so now he works while still putting himself through college), but it’s late, and i should really get going.

but finally, here is an update. i hope they’ll be more frequent, but still no promises 🙂