There’s a man that comes into the store several times a week that is very friendly and kind type of nice (as opposed to the creepy and intrusive variety, meaning he’s “just being nice”, not “hitting on you” kind of nice). He’s one of those people that seems like a long lost brother but I really don’t know anything about him and vice versa. We mostly just talk about our favorite tv shows and snack food and I convince him to buy chocolate bars which he then shares with me (the foolproof way to become my friend).

Today he came into the store and excitedly showed me the current book he is reading – The Alchemist (He says I will love it and is bringing it in to work tomorrow so I can borrow it. I’ll let you know how it is). He sat in the cafe reading for a few hours and would get up now and then to come chat while I worked on this and that. Out of the blue he asked if I would want to travel the deserts of Africa with him and then jumped into a conversation on how he just knows he must travel. He said a woman who had been a missionary in Africa came up to him once and just told him “You’re going. You’re really going to go there” and then started to cry. Apparently she just sensed it. He said he senses things too. He told me as soon as he met me he sensed certain things.

I tried to keep track and follow everything he was saying but it was diffult to keep up. He told me I have a a glow similar to a pregnant woman about to give birth. A glow brought about from doing what God has for me in his right time. He then compared me to a fruit tree that is blooming, and though the blooms are very nice, they haven’t yet blossomed into the fruit they will become. He said very soon my time to become that fruit will be here, that i have buried something inside of me that I’m passionate about but it will resurface and I will have to follow what it is because that’s what I’m here for and meant to do.

I found the conversation very fascinating….especially because of some things I’ve been thinking about lately (but which i won’t get into). Even if I don’t completely believe what he said…it’s given me something to think about…