last friday – a glorious day off from work. got a call from my uncle greg and went out shopping with him, sammy (“bubba”), and gregory (“gator”) for the morning. sammy needed every toy in site, gregory dearly wanted a princess dress and accessories (he loves heels, pearls, long hair, and desperately wants boobs. an odd duck, but hilarious), and i bought exciting things like toothpaste and face soap.


that night i had a “date” with dad. a tradition we’ve had since i was about 6 years old. we went to see The Prestige (i really really liked it. if you’ve seen it, let me know – i have a question for you) then dinner at the cheesecake factory. portobello sandwhich; i love you.

saturday – worked most of the day then out for a late dinner with my coworkers/friends geannie and matthew. hardly anything is open after 10pm so we ended up at Patsios and actually ran into one of our regular (and somewhat odd) customers and her young daughter (or grand daughter…it’s a mystery). it was inexplainably surreal seeing them outside of the store.

sunday – besides church i have no recollection of what i did that afternoon. that evening, however, i went to Gators for drinks with a bunch of work friends to celebrate Lucianna’s last day at the store. i tried a sip of a dirty martini and nearly gagged. olives are not my friend. played some pool (and majorly sucked at it) witnessed a friend chug an entire pitcher of beer, then sat outside in the cool air chatting with geannie and matthew until the wee hours after the bar closed. it was a nice night.


monday – work, once again. i have interesting encounters there everyday, but unless i write them down right away i don’t remember them. geannie had the grand idea to go get dinner at the hospital cafeteria and we convinced matt to go with us. they have SO much vegetarian food! we feasted on fries, veggie ruebens and corndogs then scoured walmart and walgreens at midnight trying to find costumes at the last minute. we were unsuccessful as everything was sold out or 10 sizes too small..

tuesday – continued my quest for a halloween costume to wear to work. gave up after five stores, hurried home and made cat ears using a paper bag, a sharpie pen, and white paint. taped the ears to a head band, had mom draw on a nose and some whiskers with black eyeliner, and viola – i was a cat for the day.

for something so simple, it was a quite a hit (and i was one of the only ones dressed up at work! such a shame). i lost count of how many men actually meowed and hissed at me. one dude even asked me to meow for him (creeeeeepy). it drove me crazy not being able to itch my nose (something that’s almost a necessity with my allergies) since it would smear the makeup, but i actually made it through the day.

went to dandelion communitea cafe (organic vegetarian food and blueberry beer!) with geannie and matthew (poor shirlie got lost and couldn’t find us), wandered around downtown orlando and observed drunk and barely dressed skanks, attempted to hang out at a park but got busted by the cops, then headed home for the evening.

wednesday – had the day off…did absolutely nothing and enjoyed every second. drove to joanies house for a movie. potato chips + foriegn films = happy megan.

thursday – work….yep. oh, and chocolate cake with mark and dar last night. yummies.

today: more work. i actually had a morning shift, which i’m not used to at all. i headed home tonight (6pm) at the same time i’m usually just getting back from my lunch break.
a fairly uneventful day, but it’s only 8:30 now. keith and lance should be calling in a few hours and hopefully we’ll head downtown for drinks and such. hurrah!

tomorrow – no work! and no plans until a wedding at 5:30 in the evening. i plan to sleep in and veg a bit, then do some massive cleaning around the house. ahhh, saturdays.