went to the movies tuesday evening with coworkers to see the departed. it was very well done and very very well acted, but i never ever want to see it again. it was gruesome and depressing and it made my stomach hurt thinking that some people actually have lives similar to those of the characeters in the film., the rest of the week blended together a bit..oh, except one of my coworkers had a seizure and an ambulance was called and took him to the hospital…and that was the drarma for the week.

as of friday i’ve started wearing a flower in my hair everyday to work. it’s a fake one, attached to a barret, and is simply there to keep a little piece of hair out of my right eye (oh yes, i got a hair cut tuesday). for some reason it gets quite a reaction, but it seems to be a good one, so ladies; i highly recommend wearing a flower in your hair if you’re ever having a bad day. people will be nicer to you and will give you compliments.

friday i was surprised and incredibly happy when i heard a little voice shout out my name as i stood working in aisle one. i turned around to see ellie and my friends (her parents), john and sarah standing behind me. they had a doctors appointment and thought they’d swing by to say hi and it was so so SO nice to see them again. ellie sat in the cart making me a gold glittery crown with big sparkly plastic gems while i helped them find various organic foods and introduced sarah to xylitol (i know a bit about it but have yet to try it. two packets sit on my dresser awaiting the proper taste-testing time). the visit was over much too quickly but after work mom and i went to sanford to hang out and kept ellie up way past her bedtime.

she showed me all the MANY gifts she’s recieved while in the hospital (i’ve never seen so many stickers in my life) and introduced me to her new fish tank and a boat load of stuffed animals (i took videos of this but it’s 300MB and i can’t find anyplace to upload it). we tried on different hats she’ll be wearing once she’s lost all of her hair and she told me how the chemo makes her belly hurt, then we joined our moms on the sofa and watched “what not to wear” together like we used to nearly once a week. it was the best friday night i’ve had in quite awhile.

saturday: the late night led to a much too early morning….and i can’t even remember what it was i did…something productive i hope…it probably involved cleaning. went into work at 1 and had one of the longest days of my life…i kept getting weird vibes all afternoon, though i think it had something to do with it being the last day i would work with one of the managers before he transfered to another branch. we’re all sad to see him go and i’m half-dreading/half-anticipating meeting who they get to replace him.

sunday: i skipped church so i could sit on the sofa drinking tea and watching greys anatomy. there. i admit it. i felt like i hadn’t slept in a week so i lounged around all morning then made it out to the church potluck and stayed to hear the guest speaker after lunch. i realized i missed seeing my work friends so i stopped by to chat and pick up a few things then spent the rest of the day at home doing who-knows-what. seriously, i feel like my memory keeps blanking out…it’s weird.

and i’m super tired and need to get to sleep now…hopefuly updates will be more frequent and more interesting in the future.

p.s. two half hearted pictures.