Happy Birthday Ellie, I love you!

This past week has been an emotional whirlwind of phonecalls, checkups, and a visit at the hospital.

My little friend Ellie is turning eight today. She had been sick for a few weeks and last Wednesday suddenly lost vision in one of her eyes. An opthamologist found that the optic nerve was inflamed and swollen and sent her for an MRI which then revealed she had a mass the size of a lemon sitting behind her nose. Then they found more abnormal cells along her spine and pelvis. A biopsy was done on her pelvis and determined that it is indeed cancer.

Tuesday I went to visit her right before she was sent to get a bone scan. It showed the cancer was also on many bones throughout her body. The type of cancer is called Neuroblastoma (cancer of the nerves). There are four stages, with one being the best, and she’s stage four. The good news is that the doctor has said she’s incredibly healthy for being stage four as most kids are usually “sick as snot”. They’re starting her on chemo today or tomorrow and they’ve said the survival rate is 50/50.

The most amazing thing about this is how many people it’s brought together and how many lives this has touched. Individuals all over the world are praying for this little girl and her whole family is with her and working together. A few months ago Ellie and her mom (our good friend, Sarah) were over and my mom cut her pretty long blonde hair because she wanted to donate it to Locks of Love. Sarah just recieved the Thank you card from them and when Ellie’s doctor saw it he actually broke down crying.

What’s even more amazing is that Sarah just keeps saying how grateful she to see God’s hand in everything and how much bigger this is than just her daughter. And one thing my mom and I have discussed it that it doesn’t matter to God what the typical survival rate is. He can do anything, everything is in his hands, and it’s all happening for a reason. In the grand scheme of things, “all things work together for good”, and it’s so incredible to me that in the mddle of all of this her family is seeing that.

So that’s what has been going on here. I’ll try giving updates on her as we learn more.

Please please pray for Ellie and her family.

And some photos from last year so you can put a face with her name – just me and Ellie goofing off for the camera (while I was sporting one her fantastic creations after a hair styling session)