a little update since blogging hasn’t been a priority lately:

– had my lovely cats for two whole days before they had to be taken back to the humane society because of moms allergies. i am petless now :/

– i’m loving the free food from work (since items have to be taken off the shelf after the “sell by” date). i have 5 containers of soymilk (chocolate, plain, AND cappuccino) plus about 8,000 loaves of bread in the freezer (that i actually climbed into a dumpster to get. it’s not as grody as it sounds though. someone had thrown out perfectly good bread that had JUST expired and the dumpster was practically empty. it would have been a waste to let it sit there! shirlee and tiffany can back me up on this)

– i bought the office dvd gift set yesterday. it’s fantastic.

– jess will be here this weekend and i may actually get to see her a little bit after work on friday and saturday and before heading to daytona on sunday for the Ink & Blood exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Science. should have pictures from it at some point.

– and really….that’s all for now