My new kitty! His name is Hunter (or Handsome Hunter)

He’s a 16 week old tiger-striped six-toed hemmingway cat from the humane society. He’s very lovey and sweet, but SO loud, and very energetic for just being neutered this morning.

(“Get me the hell out of here! Someone stole my balls!)

(also wanted a video where you could see him better but of course he decided to start licking his wound)

My mom also adopted a 20 week old black domestic short hair but he’s not doing as well and is still in his carrier recovering from surgery and an upper respitory infection 😦

I’m sure i’ll have more pictures of them both later but i’m going to try to NOT turn into an annoying cat-obsessed maniac.

In other news, my dad flew up to Kentucky today to see my grandfather who isn’t doing well at all after his car accident (incoherent, sleeping a lot and not able to be woken) so if you think of it, please pray for him.