Today went like this:

Happy – lovely – fun – horrible – tearful – tiring – ok – nice – fantastic

and in more detail:

I woke up looking forward to the day and had a nice morning laughing with cowokeres and enjoying getting into the groove of everything. Went on my lunch break at one, called home, and found out my grandfather in KY flipped his truck this morning and broke his neck. I immediately thought he was paralyzed and burt into tears, but it turns out he just has a broken bone IN his neck and won’t even need surgery (has a lot of cuts and brusies though). I sat moping for a bit then called Keith because I knew he could cheer me up, and he did, of course. He explained to me in detail the comment he left for me on myspace that involved an old PSA video with singing puppet pills saying “we’re not candy!”. i love it. he then narrated the onion and gawker for me.

i was distracted and sullen for a while after that but slowly got back to joking and having fun with everyone. the top chacaters i ran into today were:

– a shy little kid telling me about kindergarden and spelling his name for me (i-s-a-a-c!)
– i met the young chef from the enzian and nearly scoring free tickets to little miss sunshine this evening (he didn’t have any on him)
– an older man that was totally hitting on me
– two college kids that came in for pineapple, molasses, and vegetable glycerin so they could make their own flavored tobacco

there were many others, but those were my favorites, and i’m not even going to mention the customers from hell that get mad at me for their own mistakes or because they think things are too expensive, as if i have anything to do with setting prices.

and in others news,

– keith will be here in orlando in about half an hour
– i love those yummy thai potato chips
– i just found out anna nalick and joshua radin are performing here at the social on sunday AND there are tickets still available…but i have to work…suck.

oh! and totally random, but i also just discovered a photo floating around on the internet from a few years ago when i had boy hair.

(i found another photo from when it was red and much more fuax hawkish….but i’m not psoting it)

i miss the total simplicity of short hair, but i don’t miss looking like a lesbian.

and that’s all i’ve got for now…