-A little bird seemed to be waiting outside for me when I got off work this evening. I thought it was very sweet until it pooped on my car.

– Everyday summer thunderstorms are worse than this tropical storm.

– The more independent I become, the more I don’t want to be alone.

– Even though the employees are all nice, I become paranoid and start thinking people are talking badly about me behind my back whenever I walk away.

– I have nice managers that bring me food on occasion. In the past few days I’ve recieved a free ice cream bar, herb roasted potatoes, dark chocolate, and pomegranate juice.

– I love interacting with 100+ people everyday, but I dislike not having as much time to read, take photos, or just sit and have a cup of tea with friends. I feel less like myself when I cannot do these things.

– Speaking of friends, I like mine. I wish I could see them more. No one is here to hang out with right now :/

– Despite being tired, I hate going home and just sitting. I’m debating going out to a movie alone just so I can be out some more….plus I really want to see Little Miss Sunshine.

– I feel like I have no right to complain about anything in my life, yet I still do, and I hate that.

– This all feels incredibly unintersting to read.