Thursday I drove to Oviedo so spend another baking day with Gram. We listened to salsa music and made rosemary garlic focaccia bread that’s to die for, ate the tastiest canteloupe ever, and watched The Family Stone once again (I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it).

Friday was my first day at work and it went swimmingly, and dare I say, was sort of enjoyable. The woman training me (we’ll call her “B-1”) is quite a character and we spent the day dancing around the store and singing to oldies. She knows nearly every person that comes in and gives most of them hugs. An older woman came in saying to her husband “This is the woman that sings to the potato chips! It makes them taste better.” B-1’s responce: “That’s right, baby! It shakes up the flavah!”. She’s a blast.

I didn’t have to work this weekend and I’ve had an amazingly mellow past two days. Today consisted of church, cooking channa masala (yum), baking cheesey biscuits (double yum. be jealous, jess), watching an Iraqi film I found at the library (Turtles Can Fly – a bit depressing, but good. all the children in it were actual refugees), a nice pot of hot tea, and a dose of mindless television (ie. some modeling show [horrible], TLC, and adult swim).

I’ve also been continuing my search online today for a cat to adopt. I realized I’ve been semi-depressed ever since my cat dissappeared (which is odd considering it’s only a cat, but it’s strangely comforting to have a pet to talk to and take care of) and I’ve found a baby girl kitten that looks adorable and is still available. Hopefully my mom and I can check her out later this week after filling out some adoption papers (you have to have character references for this place!).

I guess I should probably sleep now….

P.S. Watch the preview for The Prestige –