The heat here is ungodly. It’s over 100 degrees everyday. I’ve cloistered myself in my room with the blinds closed, the fan on high speed (well, medium-high, since anything more that that makes the whole thing shake and I feel like it will fall on me and chop off my head), and discovered there’s a Roswell marathon on the Sci-Fi channel. It’s always been one of my guilty pleasure shows. I’ve decided it’s tagline should have been “Teens that must have alien sex in order to save the world”. (Eh. I could only handle a little of it. I’ve moved on to a Japanese film from the library)

My elderly neighbors across the street are very distressed about my missing cat. Charlie and Eileen sit on their front porch every evening and Charlie will call my cat for 20 minutes straight until she finally goes over so he can pet her. Only thing is, no matter how many times we say her name, he has always called her “Bella”, instead of “Ella…which may have somehting to do with why she would ignore him…

The other night he went to sit outside and she was waiting for him. He was thrilled. They’re both very worried about her right now.. I don’t think she’ll be coming back though. I miss having a cat and have started looking on craigslist for local kittens that need adopted (I’ve also been reading the personal ads on there, simply for a good laugh…you should try it sometime).

And, of course, a few pictures…even though I feel like people are sick of hearing about/seeing pictures from me all the time…oh well.

This one is from Mona’s bar in NY. I stuck with water that evening and played around with getting a macro shot of the condensation on the glass that was lit by neon signs behind the bar.

And this little guy is Fernando. I was sitting with friends in their living room last night and he flew out of nowhere onto the window. Everyone shouted “Megan!! Get your camera!!”…and so I did.